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Peace Lily Plant in White Pot
Peace Lily
Monkey Mask Monstera Plant in White Ceramic Pot, Greenify Co.
Monkey Mask Monstera
Philodendron Brasil Plant on Wooden Climbing Fram in White Pot, Greenify Co.
Philodendron Brasil
Silver Dollar Vine Succulent Plant in White Pot
Silver Dollar Vine ūüĆŅ Rare / Collectors
ZZ Plant in White Ceramic Pot
ZZ Plant
Calathea Makoyana Peacock Plant in White Pot
Peacock Plant
Hoya Australia in Round Climbing Fram, Greenify Co.
Hoya Australis 'Wax Plant'
Small Rosemary Bush in White Ceramic Pot
Rosemary 'Tuscan Blue'
Imperial Green Philodendron
Monstera Thai Constellation ūüĆŅ Rare
Parlour Palm