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Monkey Mask Monstera Plant in White Ceramic Pot, Greenify Co.
Close Up of Monkey Mask Monstera Leaves

Monkey Mask Monstera

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Monkey Mask Monstera    |    Monstera adansonii

A close relative to the ever popular Monstera deliciosa, the Monkey Mask is just as striking and almost just as easy to care for! It prefers a bright, warm position but not direct sunlight so is suitable for many areas in the home. The Monkey Mask is a more dense, clumping plant with shorter vines and can be trained up a pole or left to dangle down from a shelf, either way it's unique, holey leaves make it an interesting and intriguing house plant.


  • Plant - Approx. size 20 - 30cm from base of pot
  • Ceramic Cover Pot (14cm) in your choice of colour
  • Personal message card & envelope
  • Plant care information card
  • Greenify Co. signature gift bag & ribbons 

For ease of care, our plants are repotted with premium potting mix into a custom nursery pot and are placed into one of our classic 14cm ceramic cover pots.  When it comes time for watering, simply take the nursery pot out, pop in the sink, give a good soak and then place back into it's cover pot. No mess, no stress and the easiest way to keep your plant happy!

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